LB: Screener Report – 3

Abe Lincoln Vampire Hater
Nope, the image above isn’t from Spielberg’s acclaimed LINCOLN. It’s from ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER, a much more honest and appealing film.

Time now for the third and final installment of my mini-reviews of the screeners I’ve received from Oscar, DGA, and WGA award contenders.

The first time around, I reported on 5 films. The second time, I gave my opinion of 4. Now – well, now I’m so thoroughly disgusted with the films various studios are touting as the best of 2012 that all I can talk about is 1.

Yep, 1. Pathetic, isn’t it? A true testament to crappy film making. Or, maybe, to my intolerance and short attention span. You be the judge.


    Gwen the Beautiful and I saved Spielberg’s highly acclaimed extravaganza for New Year’s Eve. Our plan was to stay home and welcome 2013 by being thrilled and delighted during the night. (And hie ourselves to the best restaurant in town on New Year’s Day for its annual New Year’s Pajama Brunch. Oh, God, we’re old.) Unfortunately, we found ourselves totally disappointed by the film. Gwen was through with it after 11 minutes, staying with me on the couch but reading a book on her Kindle Fire. I watched the whole thing – fast forwarding most of the way. Don’t get me wrong. LINCOLN looked beautiful. The most perfectly composed film I’ve seen in a few years. But it’s not a movie, gang. It’s a historical pageant, pompous, self-satisfied, and formal. A celebration of one man’s fight to resolve an issue every viewer is familiar with (the Emancipation Proclamation…duh).  There’s no insight into the characters, no emotional linkage. Just actors pretending to be historical figures taking their turn on history’s stage, no more original than an expensive “pajama brunch.” And at least we could eat the damn brunch.

Ah well. I guess I expected too much. The minute I heard that Daniel Day-Lewis was demonstrating his greatness and dedication by texting in character I should have realized that no one recommending this static tapestry-disguised-as-filmed-entertainment had a clue about what great acting is.

Someone find me a truly good film! Recommend it in the Comments, or e-mail me. Something!




And the #1 Habit of “Highly Creative People” is…?

…Solitude, doods. But all of us already knew that, didn’t we? Cuz we discovered that truth the way creative people discover everything: All by our lonesomes.

solitude and light

But if you’re the kinda peep who needs authority figures, here ya go:

The No. 1 Habit of Highly Creative People – by Leo Babauta

“In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for contructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.” ~Rollo May

Creativity is a nebulous, murky topic that fascinates me endlessly — how does it work? What habits to creative people do that makes them so successful at creativity?

I’ve reflected on my own creative habits, but decided I’d look at the habits that others consider important to their creativity. I picked a handful of creatives, almost at random — there are so many that picking the best would be impossible, so I just picked some that I admire, who came to mind when I thought of the word “creative”.

This was going to be a list of their creative habits … but in reviewing their lists, and my own habits, I found one that stood out. And it stands out if you review the habits and quotes from great creative people in history.

It’s the Most Important Habit when it comes to creativity.

After you read the No. 1 habit, please scroll down and read the No. 2 habit — they might seem contradictory but in my experience, you can’t really hit your creative stride until you find a way to balance both habits.

Read it all

solitude and bukowski

munchman: iPad App and CBS in the Same Sentence? Really?

CBS Connect

I’m young and naive, so a lot of things connected with showbiz awe me. As awesomeness goes, though, this is right at the top.

It seems that CBS has something called CBS Connect, which is a “social hub” aggregating Twitter and Facebook posts about CBS shows, and which lets fans chat live with each other and CBS stars. And now the network has added an iPad app for said hub.

It’s a solid, well-functioning app that does just what it’s supposed to with a minimum of fuss, and for those who are big CBS watchers its awesomeness is right out there…and very cool.


We’re talking about an iPad app here, gang. For CBS, AKA The Geriatric Network. A network with the oldest viewer demographic in TV. In other words, a demographic that doesn’t use iPads and would never use an app even if they did. The demo that’s constantly being mocked as technologically challenged at best.

So what does this mean? Will the CBS Connect app fail miserably because the content and the technology are incompatible? Or does CBS Boss (and, yes, we’re using “Boss” in the video game sense here) Les Moonves know something the followers of conventional wisdom don’t?

Specifically, can it be that Les knows that his network’s audience of oldsters isn’t as enfeebled as the nerds keep saying? That the war between over-40 year olds and tech is a myth? That our parents and grandparents know more than we think?

In its never-ending search for truth, TVWriter™ is going to keep its eye on what happens here and let you know. Or maybe we won’t have to. You’ll get the message yourself from the explosion that occurs if Our Fearsomely Aging Leader, LB, discovers that his archenemy, the Mooner, isn’t just singing along with LB’s anti-ageism song, but proving it’s right, and making a fortune as a result.

The old rock-and-a-hard-place routine. I love it. How about you, LB?

Stay tuned.

Peer Production: MARIO WARFARE

Super Mario Brothers meets Blackhawk Down

Sometimes the creativity of so-called “amateurs” just astounds us. This Mario Brothers parody, combining elements of  the Mario Brothers games and war movies is right up there with the best of the pros.

Our favorite Kickstarter.Com project of the new year!

And, speaking of Kickstarter, this particular project also has one of the strongest presentations/sales pitches we’ve ever seen. If you’re planning on doing something there, Check this out.