munchman Watches ADVENTURE TIME


by munchman

For those who have lives, ADVENTURE TIME is the latest very hip and very trendy hipsters-love-it cartoon on Cartoon Network. It’s created by a guy name Pendleton Ward and has made him immeasurably famous to an equally immeasurable number of young adults who, you know, have never seen a good cartoon and wouldn’t know it even if they did.

I watched a lifetime’s worth of ADVENTURE TIME last night. Which is to say that it felt like a lifetime but its real time added up to about 10 mind-and-body-numbing minutes. Which, I suppose, is moderately better than excruciating minutes, but still…


The Good:

  • Nothing I could make out.

The Bad:

  • Everything else.

In other words, I tried, really I did, but I don’t get ADVENTURE TIME at all. Friends tell me that the writing is fantastically ironic. I missed both the fantastic and the ironic parts. It just seemed insipid. Boring. Cliched.

The episode I almost watched, about the dog character wanting to raise his new puppies (the mom’s a unicorn) was so into making its point about overprotectiveness – a point that’s been made 800,000 times before – that I would’ve been filled with uncontrollable fury if not for the fact that the slowwww pace of the show had gotten into my nervous system to such an extent that all I could do was yawn.


  • As Ricky Riccardo might have said, can somebody explain this show to me? Please?

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