Living the Creative Life in the Real World

Sometimes it seems as though reality is constantly trying to close in on our creativity, that the world is fighting an unending battle with our creative wills.

And sometimes, if you live in a place like TVWriter™’s home base of Port Townsend, WA, you find a reality that lets you live and breathe free and true. For example:

‘Lose your mind and come to your senses’
by Chris McDaniel

Whether on a street corner in Europe, a ferry crossing Puget Sound or in the Port Townsend Post Office, harpist David Michael lives to serenade strangers with his angelic melodies.

“I occasionally bring it to the post office and play there by the main entrance and there are marble floors,” Michael said. “People on the third floor on the far end of the building can hear every note. It is like a castle in there.”

Some passersby tend to lose themselves in the music, Michael said.

“The last time I was in the post office, two people left their stuff behind. One person had just picked up a package and then walked out the door without it. Another person had set their wallet down. It does sort of transport people.”

And transporting people to a realm of peacefulness is something Michael said drives him to busk.

“It is a centuries-old time-honored tradition and nobody conflates it with panhandling.”

However, the term “busker” is not well known in America, Michael said.

“In Europe, it doesn’t matter if you are French, German, Italian, Danish or Swedish. Everyone knows the word ‘busker.’”

Also understood is that busking is an auditory gift, Michael said.

“I always thought of myself as a busker, a cultural ambassador and not a beggar. I always dress nice and when I played a street in Europe I put a rug down. I have a gift for everybody right here.”

Michael’s music has been featured on syndicated radio shows, network television and in nature films. A producer and multi-instrumentalist, he has run his independent record label Purnima Productions from Port Townsend for 30 years and has released 25 albums of original music.

Now, Michael is bringing his gift to the stage.

David Michael will be joined by Grammy Award-winner Nancy Rumbel (best 2002 New Age Album) and musician Benjy Wertheimer for a concert Sunday in Port Townsend. The concert will celebrate their debut CD release as a trio, CONFLUENCE, a collection of World Fusion featuring oboe, Celtic harp, tablas and other instruments….

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