Modern Vikings Dining with Ancient Vikings

Vikings on their home turf. But we love ’em everywhere!

Way back in the interweb dark ages, around the turn of the 21st Century, “Siggy” Olafsdottir was one of my first online writing students, and even though English was as far from being her native language as Icelandic is from mine, she proved herself to be one My-T-Fine-Writer.

In  the years that have passed since, Ms. Olafsdottie has relocated to London, where she now is as a modern fairy tale might express it, “Sigrun Bjork Olafsdottir, one of the most highly regarded fashion designers in the land.”

Recently Sigrun has partnered with her sister, Icelandic pop star Alda Bjork Olafsdottir, in the production of videos intended to:

  1. Teach ignoramuses like myself about Viking Culture
  2. Promote the brand of the Viking Sisters
  3. Have a hell of a lot of fun

Not necessarily in the above order.

What am I really talking about here?


The Viking Sisters go to Iceland with some cool Viking Dudes, Benji and Steven Anthony, to do a photo shoot in one of Reykjavik´s most popular haunts, the Viking stuga Skålhalla, located in the basement of Frederiksen Ale House in the centre of Reykjavik.

Iceland´s finest landscape photographer Gaui as well as supersonic mistress of the darkness photographer Mariana are on-board with their cameras and the collaborate gang have their creative juices in full flow.

The ancient Vikings sit at the dinner table with the Vikings of the modern world.

Love ya forever, Viking Sisters!

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