Lois Vossen Empowers Filmmakers to Face the Future

Fascinating. This article and the video it links to fill this TVWriter™ minion with hope.

via indiewire.com

Tales of corporate malfeasance, humanitarian efforts to help victims of natural disasters, the international struggle for an independent press, public land use that threatens to exacerbate income equality, conditions at Chinese factories, the unclear future of healthcare in Afghanistan, the history of “Sesame Street”: All these topics are prominent in the documentary world in recent months. And they were all subjects of films shown on “Independent Lens.”

In 2006.

There’s a part of the documentary world that always has its eye trained on the stories of tomorrow. For the better part of two decades, “Independent Lens” has given those forward-looking stories a home, thanks to executive producer Lois Vossen, who has been with the series since its inception….

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