LB: Speaking of the 2021 Emmys…

by Larry Brody

This year, the Television Academy pushed for diversity in many ways, including delivering more POC as Emmy presenters and (I’m pretty sure) nominees than ever before.

Yet every winning actor – and let’s be real here, actors are the public face of both the Emmy and Oscarcasts –  was white. I suppose I should be happy that at least the voting members of the Academy are watching more than just the broadcast networks these days, but still, what I find myself feeling is:

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LB: New Writers Guide to Storytelling

by Larry Brody

I’m making this as brief as possible, which means I’m not explaining the “Whys” of these tips, other than with this preface:

This is the 21st Century. Storytelling, by which I mean plotting, ain’t what it used to be. The contemporary audience has seen and read and experienced at least as much as you have, which means MAKE SURE YOU KEEP EVERYTHING AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE SO YOU’RE NOT TELLING READERS/VIEWERS WHAT THEY ALREADY KNOW .  read article

LB sees Jay Leno’s Version of ‘You Bet Your Life’

by Larry Brody

The Good:

The Not So Good:

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LB: “Goodbye, Norm Macdonald”

by Larry Brody

Norm Macdonald, who died yesterday of cancer, at 61. was one of the funniest, brightest people I’ve ever met.

If art is what happens when your creations reveal your inner self, then he was an artiste extraordinaire in life as well as on the stage.

RIP, dood. Chill in peace. read article

LB: “How can I tell when my writing is good enough?”

Angry Judge Mandy Patinkin

by Larry Brody

New writers often ask the question in this post’s headline, and I always find myself pausing and giving thought to my answer…and sometimes even changing it from what I usually say.

This morning’s email brought two queries on the subject, and I found myself thinking about and changing my answer again. Right now, this very minute, here’s where my head is at:

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