LB: Happy 90th Birthday, Dick Tracy!

by Larry Brody

Not about TV writing per se, but so what? Dick Tracy is one of my favorite comic strips. I’ve read it for over 70 of its 90 years, including a couple of years before I could actually read.

I don’t think it was Tracy or the violence of the strip that caught my toddler interest but the bizarre look of the members of the Rogues Gallery. I mean, who can resist this guy, for crying out loud?

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LB: Why Whatever You Write Needs That Final Polish…

by Larry Brody

…Um, mainly because that last once-over almost inevitably makes what you’ve written better.

How? Why? I won’t waste your with details here because you can find them on, a site I regard highly, and where I saw the article below, correctly titled: read article

LB: Now THIS is a Healthy Young Writer

by Larry Brody

If I had my career to do all over again knowing what I know now, instead of the single-minded determination (AKA self-aggrandizing aggression that a few people may have noticed at one point or another as I pushed myself roward), I would do everything in my power to follow the example of the very young lady below.

Thanks for the life lesson, Rex Morgan, M.D. Where were you when I was 8 years old? read article

LB: “…How to smoke weed socially — and safely — in the COVID-19 era”

by Larry Brody

Speaking of newspaper headlines, LATimes.Com this morning demonstrates the difference between the Big Orange and the Big Apple with a timely article about smoking weed during the pandemic.

The article is long and descriptive, but the first four words of the headline, which I have cleverly hidden until now, tell us everything we need to know: read article

LB: “Why Is Every Young Person in America Watching ‘The Sopranos’?”

by Larry Brody

Did you read that headline, gang? It’s the question of the day over at NYTimes.Com, and the good news is that they also have an answer:

The show’s new audience is also seeing something different in it: a parable about a country in terminal decline.

Take a good look at that second to last word. “Terminal.” read article