LB: Speedfreaks

by Larry Brody

Remember the old saying, ‘We don’t need it good we need it Thursday?’ Well, thanks to streaming TV and the need to binge it’s helped all of us develop, the due date just got bumped up to tomorrow.

Yes, this calls for a:

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LB: Required Reading for Everyone Starting Out in Showbiz

by Larry Brody

A TVWriter™ oldie but goodie. In 2019 we called this Stage32.Com post “the most open, honest, and absolutely essential article we’ve ever seen about how Hollywood show business really works.” Can you handle–

Bullshit Lies My Film Professor Taught Me About Hollywood
by Michael Tapia

I had a professor who worked on the show Prison Break and I went to visit him on the set one year. I was on the call sheet! Intern. First day of the shoot, my professor, the director of the episode that week, asked for me to get him a “coffee.” read article