How to Beat Your Creative Block

What can we say other than, “Hey! We were blocked and we tried what this writer is talking about. And it fucking worked!”?

Hoping it’ll work for you as well:

How to Break Through a Creative Block
by Patrick Allan

Whether you like to draw, paint, write, choreograph, or play music, you’re probably familiar with the creative block, where you just can’t seem to do anything despite your motivation. To escape that rut, try doing what you do best, only terribly.

This past weekend, I attended the Los Angeles Times Festival of Booksand saw several enlightening panels. One of them was a panel on graphic novels, called “Working Twice as Hard,” that featured graphic novelists MariNaomiPamela Ribon, and Tillie Walden. Eventually, the conversation turned to creative ruts when the host, Los Angeles Times’ Tracy Brown, asked about their productivity.

Everyone on the panel had something interesting to say, but Walden immediately jumped in with a useful tip that really stuck with me. She said that when she felt stuck, she would intentionally try to draw something as poorly as she could (she mentioned drawing Bart Simpson with her non-dominant hand, among other examples)….

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