Herbie J Pilato on the Many Lives of Irene Tsu

Veteran actor ‘s memoir reflects on her life in Hollywood.
by Herbie J Pilato

Actor/writer Irene Tsu has made her mark.

On television, the stage, and film, and behind-the-scenes, Tsu has stood firm on principle. With versatility and an upbeat perspective, she remains fearless in her life pursuits and experience of happiness.

Cultured, educated, and talented, she continues to revel in a remarkable life and career. And she’s chronicled it all in a compelling memoir: A Watercolor Dream: The Many Lives of Irene Tsu.

“I have lived my life as a water color artist,” Tsu explains in the book. “Water color is a fluid art form that drips, runs and moves. Intuition plays a great part in the execution of the water color. Through skill, time, and practice, artists are able to control the strokes better, but it will never be exact. Once the stroke is made, the artist must follow that new path and see where the next stroke will take them. Sometimes there is fear, but there is also freedom.”

A Watercolor Dream “probably came about,” Tsu says, due to the inkling of a former college professor. When she was attending Los Angeles City College, “a long time ago,” she adds with a smile, a professor suggested, “You should write a book.”

At first, Tsu thought, “I’m not a writer,” and let it go.

But years later, the instructor contacted Tsu, and reiterated, “You should write a book….”

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Writer/producer Herbie J Pilato is the host of the TV talk show THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO, now streaming on Amazon Prime and the author of several pop-culture/media tie-in books. He has been part of TVWriter™ for over 20 years and is Contributing Editor Emeritus. Learn more about Herbie J HERE

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