Do Ren and Stimpy Kick Mickey Mouse Butt?

Mike Gold, head honcho at ComicMix.Com, thinks so, and he’s concerned about it being a very unpopular opinion. But an informal poll of TVWriter™ minions showed that every single one of us was on Mr. Gold’s side.

Man, Big Old Media ain’t what it used to be, is it? Or has this always been The Truth No Body Dare Utter?

In other words – it’s a whole new world of creativity and criticism, boys and girls. And it’s giving us chills:


Mike Gold, Mickey Mouse, and Ren & Stimpy’s DNA
by Mike Gold

Listen up. I’m going to tell you a horrible, horrible secret. And it’s about me!

I really don’t care for most Disney animation. The earliest black and white stuff is fun, and there are a few shorts here and there that I enjoy. The features? Not as many. Alice in Wonderland… that’s about it. As Craig Ferguson might ask, “how long have you been in ISIS?”

Disney comics is a totally different thing. Every time I’m forced to list my all-time favorite comics creators, Floyd Gotfriedson and Carl Barks are always on that list. Gotfriedson’s Mickey Mouse newspaper strip brought depth and characterization to the popular rodent. His adventures were trulyadventures, full of wit and charm, brilliant craftsmanship, on-the-button pacing, and heart. Lucky for us, our pals at Fantagraphics have been reprinting them in brilliant hardcover editions.

Carl Barks was the master behind Disney’s Donald Duck family of comics, published by Dell and later Gold Key. You’ve probably heard of him: he’s one of the very, very few Disney comics creators who’s adapted work was screen-credited, in Duck Tales. Unca Carl created Uncle Scrooge, the Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, and a great many other pillars of the Disneyverse. His comics are that good; even better. You will often hear geriatric baby boomers mentioning Barks in the same breath as Will Eisner and Jack Kirby. Here, too, Fantagraphics been reprinting them in brilliant hardcover editions.

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