Diana Vacc Dances to ‘Once Upon a Time’s’ Musical Ep

by Diana Vaccarelli


Once upon a time, a musical episode like Once Upon a Time’s’ May 7th episode “The Song in Your Heart” would have been at least a minor “major event.” Here in the 21st Century, though, we’ve already had more TV musicals than in all of the previous history of TV, so this went comparatively unnoticed.

Seeing how few critics took the time to review “The Song in Your Heart” has convinced me to do my bit even though this is a month late. This episode, like the series in general, deserves more attention than it has been getting.


Through flashbacks, “The Song in Your Heart” fills in some missing pieces from the overall series “puzzle” and shows what happens when Snow White makes a wish to protect her unborn daughter from the Evil Queen’s curse. The wish results in a spell that has everyone singing their feelings of love. Meanwhile, in present day Storybrooke, Emma and Hook prepare for their wedding.


  • Writers Andrew Chambliss and David H. Goodman focus on hope rather than despair in this episode, an idea that in itself is fresh and unusual in this genre. And hope definitely prevails via the wedding of Emma and Hook, and the existence of the music itself.
  • Speaking of the music, I thought it was wonderfully entertaining. The actors don’t have the best voices, I admit, but the songs were simple and original enough to fill me with emotion.
  • The chemistry between Emma and Hook (Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue) continues to dominate the series. To me, it is the show’s biggest strength.


  • As usual, Jamie Murray’s performance as our villain Black Fairy is so annoying that I just want to slap her each time she comes onscreen. Ms. Murray overacts so much that she makes Al Pacino’s recent performances look subtle. They should rename her character Drama Queen.


Once Upon a Time is a fantastic show in both the admiring and literal meanings of “fantastic.” I have loved it since it started. This, by the way, is the final season. I urge those who haven’t been watching to start bingeing as soon as you can. Even without officially being “musicals,” every episode will fill your heart with emotional songs.

Diana Vaccarelli is TVWriter™’s Critic-at-Large and a student in the TVWriter™ Online Workshop. Find out more about her HERE