TVWriter™ Critic-At-Large: Diana Vaccarelli

Diana Vacc

I’m Diana Vaccarelli, AKA Diana Vacc. I have been an ardent fan of television and film for as long as I can remember. (Oh, PEEWEE’S PLAYHOUSE, where hast thou gone?)

I study TV and film production in college and love it all, especially when it’s done by people operating at the top of their form.

Diana Vaccarelli Sees QUANTICO


by Diana Vaccarelli

QUANTICO is a show full of conspiracies. It also is a new series with lots of buzz. What made me look forward to the show the most was the conspiracy angle. I love shows with twists and turns that shock the audience.

The first episode begins with a terrorist attack even more horrifying than 9/11. We focus on Alex (Priyanka Chopra), as she awakens in a pile of rubble that once was New York’s Grand Central Station. As she picks herself up off the ground, the show flashes back to her attending the FBI academy in a class of new recruits.

The story then quickly flashes forward to the scene of the attack where Alex is helped into a building and starts being questioned. She is being treated as a prime suspect in the crime and realizes that it’s time to get out of Dodge. read article

Diana Vaccarelli sees BANSHEE


by Diana Vaccarelli

A coworker and I were discussing television and what shows we love to watch. He highly recommended Banshee on Cinemax. After hearing his enthusiasm and love for the show I decided to sit down and watch a few episodes one afternoon.

The series centers on an ex-­convict and master thief who as he assumes the identity of the new Sheriff of Banshee, Pennsylvania. Calling himself by the sheriff’s name, Lucas Hood, the protagonist continues his criminal activities while bringing his own brand of justice to the small Amish town.

The pilot starts with a man leaving prison. He searches for his lost love, Anna, and finds her  hiding in Banshee, PA, married and with two children. Feeling angry and hurt, he goes to the nearby roadhouse for a drink – well, lots more than one drink – and meets the newly hired Sheriff, Lucas Hood – who hasn’t yet checked in and not only isn’t known by anyone in town but hasn’t ever been seen by anyone. read article

Diana Vaccarelli Sees 50 SHADES OF GREY


by Diana Vaccarelli

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey Novels written by E.L James. So when Hollywood announced that it was adapting these novels into film I was excited. I was intrigued to see how the story would translate to the big screen.

The story follows Anastasia Steele as she meets and begins a relationship with the mysterious Billionaire Christian Grey.  They first meet when Anna interviews him for an upcoming issue of her college magazine. After this encounter Christian becomes intrigued with her and pursues a less than conventional relationship.

This film has its surprising moments.  The biggest one is when she is introduced to the world of BDSM. This is a shock to the naive Anna.  Christian then hands her a contract about this relationship and the expectations.  Anna doesn’t sign right away and wants to do research. She does the necessary research and they have an affair of an epic nature. read article

Diana Vaccarelli Sees OUTLANDER


OUTLANDER Returns with a Smash
by Diana Vaccarelli

At the end of last season, this excellent show left viewers with a cliffhanger that made us want more, more more. Because there would be no more, at least for awhile, I decided I had to pick up the first book in the series because I was dying to know what happens. I finished just in time for this season’s premier episode.

OUTLANDER takes a dark turn as our heroine Claire Fraser is held captive by the sadistic Black Jack Randall. To our relief Claire is saved by her husband Jamie. YAY! Just love when things end happy.  Well you’re wrong things take even a more dramatic turn. In a controversial scene when Jamie beats Claire with a belt to her bum for disobeying him.  Afterwards their marriage isn’t in a very good place. Throughout, Jamie makes it up to Claire and they reunite in what I have to say is the hottest scene ever.

I have been in love with this show from the beginning, and it still doesn’t disappoint.  From the costumes, locations, writing, cinematography, directing, and the acting. Everything just flows into place from Diana Gabaldon’s novels. It comes vividly to life. Kudos to Executive Producer Ronald Moore who said from the beginning it’s Diana’s world (wink at the same name) “and we’re just bringing it to life.” read article