Coming to Your Home Theater Soon

Starting last weekend, a hell of a lot of bandwidth has been eaten up by articles/posts/stories about San Diego Comic-Con 2018 and what the various presentations coming from it have to say about the shows and films coming our way within the next year.

The way TVWriter™ looks at it, all that verbiage seems like a highly inefficient waste when the selfsame Comic-Con 2018 is also pumping gigabyte after gigabyte of what used to be called “coming attractions” so we can actually watch instead of having to read.

So, in the name of passive audiences everywhere, we’re proud to bring you:

One Acme Ton O’TV Trailers Certain to Illuminate the Future of the Viewing Experience Known as TV

Who loves ya, baby?

TVWriter™, that’s who!

There’s more, but our server’s just about to run out of bandwidth. Ain’t life unfair?

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