Peggy Bechko’s Thoughts on Taking Multiple Writing Paths

by Peggy Bechko

Seriously, guys, writers write. I’ve said it before. Many of us have scripts or manuscripts or short stories or articles stashed on a hard drive that no one has ever seen.

So what?

Well, it’s dark in there when the computer is turned off. How many people have actually read that accumulation of stuff you have? So why are you a writer?

I don’t think it’s just to pump words into a computer memory. I know it isn’t for me.

Where am I going with all this?

Maybe it’s time to think about that stashed material. Could that script become a novel? Could that novel manuscript be adapted to screen? How about the articles? If they’ve been researched maybe the info could be turned into a story? Short story – could that becomes a screen script or be turned into a novel?

Turn your writing on its head and think about new possibilities. Many of us resist change. Many say I’m a (fill in the blank…) writer and don’t try to broaden horizons and not limit ourselves.

I mean why limit ourselves to just beating our heads against the wall trying to get scripts or novels, or whatever sold? Just one thing? Why not beat our heads against the wall multiple times for projects? Why not use that writing in more than one way?

If a novel can be worked into a script, do it. A script into a novel? Might be easily done. Develop your skills. Spread your wings. Don’t bounce to another site from here with your tail between your legs because all this scares you. It’s just normal to be hesitant and nervous about trying a different approach to your writing.

Maybe you need to try the other avenue while using a pen name until you get a few reactions to what you write in that arena. Or maybe because YOU are, after all, a BRAND since it’s your name that will be out there, maybe you want to use that pen name to create a different brand in a different area.

And, in the ‘head-banging’ category, you can avoid some of that if you’re doing the ‘script to novel or short’ category. Seriously, tossing some stuff out there as an Indy publisher isn’t a bad thing.

Oh, you can do the ‘bang your head against the wall’ thing if you choose to pursue a name publisher, but what’s wrong with a bit of self-indulgence and getting your work out there in a speedy way? Do the editing meticulously or find a great editor and you’re off.

Many are jumping onto that Indy ship and many of those wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. And, remember, when you push your script to novel form, you get a whole lot more freedom to develop that character, freedom to write a whole lot more than those 120 pages. And all of this you can do yourself.

It’s not hard to learn the Indy publishing biz. How to convert your writing to electronic upload, design (or pay minimally for) your own book cover. It’s fun and it’s a great stress-reliever. And you get that writing that’s been hidden in a cave out there for others to read.

Beyond that, of course, keep writing those scripts. Get a finger in more than one pie. Get more people to read your writing aside from producers.

Exercise your writing muscles.

Break free of your own self-limitations.

On this path lies sanity.

Peggy Bechko is a TVWriter™ Contributing Editor. Learn more about her sensational career HERE. Peggy’s new comic series, Planet of the Eggs, written and illustrated with Charlene Brash-Sorensen is available on Kindle. And, while you’re at it, visit the Planet of the Eggs Facebook page and her terrific blog.