Hart of Dixie Pilot – Recap and Review

By Anthony Medina

**This episode originally aired in September 2011. If you are unfamiliar with the series, be aware this review contains spoilers.**

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A Month of Revision
by Matthew Salesses

I am amazed that the good and wise Steve Himmer has let me have the run of the place for a month. I am going to mess this house up and only talk about how to clean it. For July, I have decided to play History. I have decided to launch a war on first drafts and erect the memorial to edits. Revision is where we do our most important work as writers, or at least where we can. And yet, for as much as we love and hate it, for as much as we talk about it, we don’t really talk about it. (See: What We Talk About When We Talk About Revision, which I’ve revised right out of this introduction.) I want that to change. I want us to teach revision up front when we teach writing, to demystify it, to make it the first thought rather than all reaction. One downside of workshops—which I love, don’t get me wrong—is that we only address the issues that come up. I think we can offer tips and strategies and experience and frustration from the beginning. I think we can say, this is where we’re going, and this is how we can make sure we get there.

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According to his website, “Matthew Salesses is the author of a novella, The Last Repatriate (Nouvella Books), as well as two chapbooks, Our Island of Epidemics (PANK) and We Will Take What We Can Get (Publishing Genius)…He received his MFA from Emerson College…and now serves as Fiction Editor and a columnist for the Good Men Project.” So he must know his shit. read article

What Writers Can Learn from Saving Hope (Part III)

Kathy Fuller concludes are impressively positive thinking about the good that can come from a bad TV show.

by Kathy Fuller

Mistake #3: Get real, already. read article

Publishing Industry? There ain’t No Publishing Industry

And now, for the delectation and edification of new writers everywhere, 1,920 words to the wise:

The ‘Incredible Resilience of Publishing’ Fantasy

by Michael Levin

In this month’s Atlantic, you can find a piece by Peter Osnos, a former Random House editor, making the case that books, like the subject of a Gloria Gaynor song, will survive. He speaks of book publishing’s “incredible resilience.”

Not so fast, Peter. Incredible fantasy, or even denial is more like it. read article

Supernatural Pilot – Recap and Review

 TVWriter™ Note: This episode originally aired in September 2005. But some people, you know like most of TeamTVWriter, have never seen SUPERNATURAL because it’s on the CW. (Which, contrary to its claims, would seem to us to prove CW isn’t a viable network at all. But we’ll get back to that another time. Meanwhile, our current point, although it did kind of get away from us for a moment:)

**If you are unfamiliar with the series, be aware this review contains spoilers.** read article