Cartoons: How to Explain GAME OF THRONES

2013-06-27-gotFound on BasicInstructions.Net
(which has lots of other cool, um, instructions)

The Generation Gap is Back with a Vengeance

…And a twist. It’s all about living in completely different worlds. Or may just plain not listening:
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Somewhere in here must be the reason why older writers think young executives are hating on them…and younger writers think older executives are hating on them as well.

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Cartoon: Why Writers Cry

Or maybe it’s why writing teachers do?


Found on Facebook (the reading & writing capital of the world?)


This seem familiar to anybody?

facebookeuphemismsOh, hi, LB. How’s it going? Get that friend request I sent?

Writers Deserve to be Rewarded

And here are some of the ways:

Courtesy of Nag on the Lake

There is one problem with this, however: No awards ceremonies. No chance to give that speech you’ve been practicing for so many years.

And, yes, by “you” we mean…”we.” read article