Superman shows up at Comic Con

Well hello there, Henry.

by Kathy Fuller

‘Man Of Steel’ Footage Debuts At Comic-Con As Zach Snyder Introduces Superman Actor Henry Cavill
by Sandy Cohen 

SAN DIEGO — There are lots of people dressed like Superman at Comic-Con, but the real guy – or at least the actor playing him in the latest Superman film – made a surprise appearance at the fan festival.

“Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder presented new footage from the film on Saturday and introduced star Henry Cavill to an audience of more than 6,000 fans.

The British actor said “it’s a dream come true” to play the iconic superhero, but confessed “it is pretty intense.”

The footage showed Clark Kent as a boy and Cavill in his super suit, along with glimpses of co-stars Amy Adams and Russell Crowe.

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After seeing the dreadful IMMORTALS the other day, this makes the fan gurl in me very happy. Nice supporting cast, Christopher Nolan as producer…it gives me hope, people! And as for that pesky Batman v. Superman question? I think you know my answer.

EDITED BY LB TO ADD: io9 has an equally interesting report on MAN OF STEEL, emphasizing “a more alienated Superman…someone who has felt different all his life, and is rebelling against society.” FWIW, I love this take. Because I love Superman and think that anything that can be done to make his character more interesting to our current, saturated society, should be.

I also confess to being a major Zack Snyder fan because of something that makes so many other fans furious: He had the courage to take that dumb squid out of WATCHMEN. (Yeah, I know – I’m ready for the angry email/comments to arrive.)

Kathy sees IMMORTALS

The gods don’t interfere. Except when they do.

by Kathy Fuller

…Or as I like to call it, one hot sepia-toned mess. This movie is what happens when a director is so enthralled with his rad CGI concept he kicks plot, dialogue, characterization, and common sense to the curb. Oh, and thanks for making Henry Cavill look a decade older than he actually is, when he’s supposed to be playing a decade younger. What’s the point in watching this dreck if I can’t even enjoy the hot man lead actor?

One good thing about the movie: the last scene was kind of cool. Other than that, don’t waste your time. Sorry Henry–better luck with Superman.