Angelo J. Bell: Balancing LIFE in the creative world

neo-noir-small-croppedby Angelo J. Bell

Life in the creative world is fraught with instances of friends  family and strangers telling you, “It can’t be done” or “The odds are against you.” Although I’m sure they exist, I don’t know of any artist who ever thought that the odds were in his/her favor. Instead, we, as creatives, merely acquiesce to fate/destiny and to the notion that we will never be happy doing anything else.

Even trying — and failing — is better than abandoning our hopes and dreams….our love affair, with the arts. Just ask any bitter person who long ago abandoned their childlike dreams.

The point then is not, how do we fight the naysayers and negative ninnies, the point is: accepting the full spectrum of our existence in the creative world. Yes, we should build a team of supporters, cheerleaders and motivators. But we must embrace the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the crowds and the solitude. Ultimately we must embrace that fact quite often we must take the first steps towards our goal alone, and in an unfamiliar territory. But isn’t that what has beckoned us into this realm of creativity from the start? read article

Why We Write

…Because art – yes, including video games – is the best way we know of to get through the suffering misery agony aggravation frustrations vicissitudes of life: