BuzzFeed is Looking for Writers

A very positive looking post about an available gig, found at BuiltinNyc.Com:

BuzzFeed Entertainment Group is looking for a pop culture obsessive to write about movies and TV! We’re looking for someone who has a vast knowledge of movies (old and new) and watches television religiously that can channel their knowledge into shareable content that’s entertaining and engaging for fans of the entire pop culture spectrum. (More light hearted, to-the-point, and fun posts rather than essays, reviews, or cultural critiques). You should feel comfortable writing about fan theories, easter eggs, and other incredulous details that fans know and love. You should be able to write from the POV of a fan, as you’ll be creating content for them.

We’re looking for those who truly know the deepest corners of the internet, consume pop culture like air, and have a passion for telling stories in a unique voice.

This is a full-time, staff role based out of our New York or Los Angeles offices, available to start immediately. Must have a flexible schedule as working weekends might be required.

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Oh, and if you’re a New York City based startup, builtinnyc looks pretty damn cool too!