Award Winning Web Series Pilot – LILAC – Needs Us!

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the past we’ve published several articles about the astounding success Hank Isaac’s pilot, LILAC, has had on the indie film festival circuit. It seems as though, award-wise, LILAC sets a record every time it is shown. But like every other important new creative development, Hank Isaac’s gutsy tale needs help to find a larger audience. We at TVWriter™ would like to see this series get that help so now, without further ado, we present:

by Hank Isaac

lilac fundingWhen finished, Lilac will be a series of thirteen ten-minute episodes that asks the question:  What if Robin Hood was a homeless ten-year-old girl living in a modern city?

The Pilot Episode of Lilac has already been an official selection in 45 international film festivals and has won a total of 33 awards for acting, directing, cinematography, pilot teleplay, story, original score, original song, and series concept.

Aimed at a broad family audience, Lilac deals with some pretty serious issues such as homelessness, bullying, abuse, smoking, and violence. To further the series by building an audience, I’m asking you to simply click on the Pilot Episode above or the link here to build “views”:

You can also watch the episode on its Vimeo page here if you prefer:

Lilac is seeking funding and here’s some exciting news:

It is now possible to make a tax deductible charitable contribution to Lilac.


Lilac has partnered with From the Heart Productions, a not-for-profit corporation
which selects a few projects each year to assist.  If you would like some specific
information about this, please send a note to:

Thanks for your help and please visit Lilac’s Facebook page for details about festivals, awards, and some behind-the-scenes glimpses.