Diana Vacc Sees OUTLANDER Episode 7 “Faith”



by Diana Vaccarelli

This episode of Outlander entitled “Faith” finds Claire at the hospital where there are attempts by the Doctors to save her life and the life of her unborn child. So much happens in this episode. If you haven’t viewed this episode yet be warned this review may contain spoilers.


  • The writing of the episode is fantastic. It really delves into the tragedy of losing a child and the how a couple copes and at the same time increases the pressure by showing what one must go through to save the one you love from prison. Toni Graphia writes an episode in which you feel the pain of each character.
  • The Acting continues to be A-1. Caitriona Balfe AKA our heroine Claire can deserves every award we can give her for this week’s performance. She holds nothing back. Sam Heughan’s Jamie is nothing sort of fantastic. As he apologies for going back on the important promise he made we see, hear, and feel his self hatred for letting things happen as they did. Romann Berrux, who plays a young boy raped by Black Jack, completes the trifecta of great performances. This is definitely a young actor to keep our eyes on.
  • The places this show goes to are not only original; they are breathtaking in terms of how they handle such difficult subject matters


  • There is not one thing I didn’t like about this episode. It made me cry from start to finish.

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