Are Gen Whatevers Killing Cable TV?

Oh you carazy, zany young people, you’re wrecking our whole entertainment economy. Why you no watch Big Media, huh? Huh?

Here’s the latest for all of us who love, hate, or are otherwise not indifferent to being made into scapegoats for the downturn and general shittiness of current pop culture:

Yes, kids, this is how your parents’ cable service probably connects to their obsolete 60″ 4K TV.

by Chris Mills

The best data we have suggests that cord-cutting — ditching cable TV for streaming services — is happening faster than anyone foresaw. But in case you were uncertain about cable TV’s future demise, more research is here from the Pew Research Center to really stick the knife in.

A new survey suggests that young American adults, aged 18-29, are disproportionally using streaming services rather than cable TV to watch programs. Even if older generations are keeping cable TV alive for now, the writing’s on the wall.

According to Pew’s survey, 61% of those in the 18-to-29 age bracket say the primary way they watch TV is on streaming services. That number is just 31% for cable. Using an analog antenna isn’t in fashion among the youths, as just 5% of people surveyed used a digital antenna as their primary way of getting TV.

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