Another Web Series is Heading For TV

The biggest news we’ve heard from CBS in quite awhile (yes, even bigger than that Star Trek thing they’re streaming in terms of what it means to new writers) is that I Mom So Hard, a web series presided over by Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedly has been picked up as a multi camera comedy series on real CBS TV. The big Eye itself.

The web series is about a couple of moms – Hensley and Smedly – learning the hard way about what being a mother entails. Here’s a sample:

We’re excited as all hell to see any web series go from YouTube to what used to be called the Boob Tube until “boob” became a politically charged word. The only negative here is that – yeah, you guessed it – some actual CBS TV type people will be involved. Talking about you, Michelle Nader and Rob Thomas. Don’t screw this up!

TVWriter™ sends Big Congrats to the Moms!

Web places to learn more about this show include:



And of course:


NOTE FROM LB: I honestly believe that you can do this to. Web series are a great way to turn pro. Which is why TVWriter™’s PEOPLE’S PILOT 2017 Writing Contest has a special. low entry fee for web series pilots this year. Check it out!