Antoine Fuqua Wants To Help Get Your Film Project Made

by TVWriter™ Press Service

Director Antoine Fuqua, whose films include Training Day, Tears of the Sun, and Olympus has Fallen as well as a ton of very well-done others, is making a new name for himself as an online mentor and teacher.

Fuqua’s website, aptly named, shows just three pages in addition to the Home Page.

  • Movie Funding
  • Income Assistance Grant
  • Grant Contest

The Movie Funding page contains instructions for submitting your film proposal for the company to consider.

The Income Assistance Grant page offers “reliable granting services from most government agencies and NGOs,” and assists in the application process for “low and medium income earners.”

The Grant Contest page is all about entering Fuqua’s “Power of Presentation” Film Grant competition.

All of the above appear to be worthwhile, so why not take a few moments to check them out, starting here:

As TVWriter™’s lawyers keep pointing out, we aren’t recommending this service, just informing y’all of their existence. So if you do proceed into further stages, please let us know how it goes so we can pass it on to the rest of the TVWriter™ community.

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