Dunno about you guys, but the Whoniverse is this TVWriter™ minion’s go-to safe place. This blog entry from Siskoid’s Blog of Geekery gives just a relative few of the reasons why:

Ah, the fifth Doctor. No, you aren’t seeing double.

by Siskoid

Happy Whoniversary! 55 years ago today, the first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast. And so, a (necessarily incomplete) celebratory list!

1. Every actor who has ever played the Doctor (not gonna play favorites). Yes, even the Curse of the Fatal Death ones.
2. The opening theme.
3. The .wav file I used to have that replaced the computer shutdown sound with “That’s the trouble with computers… no imagination.”
4. That it got a university friend who went to Morocco to bring me back a fez.
5. How vast the extracanon is, and how much of it counts.
6. The pun implicit in the term “UNIT dating”.
7. That it was the brainchild of a Canadian, who handed it to that rare female producer who put it in the hands of an Asian director.
8. Timey-wimey-ness.
9. The TARDIS exterior.
10. Elisabeth Sladen.
11. The old historicals.
12. The layered writing of Marc Platt (Ghost Light, Auld Mortality, Spare Parts…).
13. The partnerships and friendships I’ve developed over the Unofficial CCG, Expanded Universe Sourcebooks, and Who-related podcasts.
14. “Sleep is for tortoises.” (My most quoted line.)
15. “Brave heart, [Tegan].” (My second most quoted line.)…

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