Matt Wilson’s new film, ‘The Pastor and the Pro’ is now on Amazon Prime Video

Hmm, which one do you suppose is the pastor? And which…you know…?

Matt Wilson is one of our favorite people, and only because he’s been part of the TVWriter™ family since way back in 2001 “when,” as he puts it, “I was writing animation spec scripts and submitting them to TVwriter.Com’s contests (which led to my first big break – writing for animated shows on Cartoon Network and Disney Channel).”

He’s also headquartered just across Puget Sound from TVWriter™ Central, eschewing the blandishments of Hollywood because, well, because obviously he’s a hell of a guy.

We’re giving you this background because we want to set the right tone for the following article about Matt’s latest decidedly un-Hollywoodish (or maybe way-too Hollywoodish?) feature film, which, yes, it’s true, all of us at TVWriter™ hope you’ll see. Take it away Matthew:

by Matt Wilson

The Pastor and the Pro, a new comedy from one-man studio Matthew Wilson Productions, will have its world premiere Nov. 9th on Prime Video.

The story follows a young, single pastor who needs a date quick for a big church dinner so he hires a prostitute to accompany him. But as she becomes more entangled in his life, her demands become more outrageous. Now he must navigate a moral mine field as he uses the unholy alliance to advance his ministry career. And things get more complicated when he starts to fall in love with her.

A truly independent filmmaker, Matthew Wilson wrote, directed, produced, and edited the movie entirely himself, hiring a small cast and skeleton crew for the shoot days with money he made writing for Cartoon Network’s Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Now, through Amazon’s Prime Video Direct program, audiences throughout the U.S. and U.K. will be able to watch the film on all their favorite devices.

Amazon’s courtship of filmmakers has long been important to Wilson. He credits winning their $100,000 prize for his movie The Umpire in 2011 for helping him transition from struggling screenwriter to struggling filmmaker.

He further honed his filmmaking skills in 2014 with The Virgins, a comedy about a Christian couple who have a wild adventure on their wedding night as one surprise after another thwarts them from consummating the marriage. The film has had a successful run on Prime Video and garnered praise for its humorous handling of Christian characters and themes.

Portraying Christian characters honestly has become a passion for Wilson, as he sees a deep lack of it in both mainstream and faith-based movies.

The Pastor and the Pro stars Travis Lincoln Cox as Pastor Jacob and Kelly Cunningham as love-interest Rachel. Supporting players include Monika HolmJeffrey ArringtonPhillip Keiman and Andrew Tribolini, a local legend in Seattle where the movie was filmed.

The comedy is available to watch on Prime Video in the U.S. and U.K. Subscribers can watch for free and others can rent for $2.99 or purchase for $9.99.

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