Yo, Peer Producers – Need a Great Video Cam at an even Greater Price?


If you’re into peer production, slaving away for zero bucks day after day trying to make the absolutely best videos you can so you can put ’em on the web and get discovered (don’t laugh, unbelievers, it works), then you know all about GoPro video cams. They are, simply, the best, and at affordable prices.

Right now, Amazon’s got an awesome deal on the new GoPro Hero. As in $129.99. Cheaper than most point-and-shoot still cams and not much bigger.

Oh, and you can get the GoPro Hero bundled with a headstrap mount and a 16GB micro SD card for just $149.99.

There goes the last excuse for not shooting your own web series. Ha!

Cinema verite, here we come!

Who says TVWriter™ doesn’t love ya, baby?