Writing Gigs: Writers Wanted in L.A.

Yeah, we know. Writers are always “wanted” in L.A. Except when you’re the writer and you try to sell somebody your work or your services.

Still, the L.A. Craigslist always seems to contain an awful (and they do often seem pretty damn awful) lot of showbiz writing gigs just waiting (or not) for your/our magic talents.

For those of you in L.A. trying to crash through the studio doors, here are a few potential gigs we found this week:

Coverage for TV pilots (LA) 

TV producers needs someone who can do extensive coverage for us.
Please send a couple samples, resume what TV genres/shows are you expert in?
We’ll need one page synopsis and couple pages analysis/story notes.
$25 for half hour comedy
$50 for hour long drama.
Seeking Hip Hop Comedy writer of TV Pilot (Hollywood)

Seeking Hip Hop Comedy writer of TV Pilot (Hollywood)

LA production company is seeking a fresh voice for African-American half-hour comedy pilot script gig (non-union pay)Please submit a resume, logline, and one to two-page synospis of your script.
We will contact you directly if we’re interested in reading your script.
Please be sure that your material is protected prior to sending it to us.
You can register it with the Writers Guild of America West Registry, or via the US Copyright office.

Seeking Creative Writer for Actress (West Hollywood)

We are seeking a writer who can construct everyday emails to writing creative articles.Ideally, a writer who has a major in English or equivalent
Need someone with excellent writing skills and flexible.
Looking to hire someone asap.
Please respond with two types of your favorite work that you would like us to review so we can get an idea of your writing style.
Per word or per project.

I am looking for a creative partner/scriptwriter (Hollywood Los Angeles)

I have a tv pilot that I have been working for a while now. I have a concept and story that I am very passionate about. It is unique and has something to offer that several other shows do not. I have most of the details worked out along with story arcs and plots, but I am not a scriptwriter. I am looking for someone to partner with to help write the pilot script. I would also be interested in a creative partner as well. This show has a little bit of everything: comedy, supernatural, romance, and some LGBT content in the mix. It is focused on a young adult and possibly teen audience. If you have any questions, advice or are interested in working on this with me please feel free to send me an email. Unfortunately at this time it wont be a paid position but I am willing to give credit where its due and maybe we can work out a payment option later.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Do we believe that these are all good gigs? Are we recommending them? No. Not on your life. There are way too many variables in the showbiz employment spectrum for anybody here at TVWriter™ to be able to say, based on a Craigslist ad, “Here’s a good one.”

But we do think that looking into these further could be helpful to TV writing hopefuls, if for no other reason than to get a better feeling for the Hollywood mindset. And that will be helpful to your writing future.

Who knows? You might even find yourself writing your very own self-referential script based on what happens if you apply.

Oh, and, as always, if you do respond to an ad, we would love to hear what transpired. Either in a comment or an article. Yeppers, we’ll take an article on that for sure. (Won’t pay, but, hey, that’s showbiz!)

Break a leg! (Pencil? Keyboard? iPhone?)