Writing Gigs: Writers Wanted in L.A. Pt 2

Everyone seemed to like this as a feature last week, which means we’re thinking of making it a weekly thing.

For those of you in L.A. trying to crash through the studio doors, here are a few potential gigs we found this week:

Seeking Creative writers & artists for publications (Los Angeles) 

Los Angeles media and publishing company seeking creative writers of all types. We are currently seeking creative writers to contribute to our digital magazine publication which Will be distributed across various networks of social media as well as the issuu.com digital media magazine platform, iBooks, Google Books, Nook & Amazon Ebooks and tablet readers.

“Digital media and magazine publishing accounts for one third of the digital reading publication market. more readers get their news Entertainment and creative stories through digital publications more than ever before.”

We are looking for writers to submit short stories and poetry political news pieces, social justice pieces, documentary write ups, journalist reports, (all information based in these subjects should site sources for reference as well as be based on current ongoing issues whether local national or international), local and international information, art, photography and reviews and opinions. Space for creativity or opinions are not limited by us but please refrain from any hate speech or politically incorrect or biased information. All stories, articles and reports will be reviewed & all submissions will be contacted for further information or further review prior to publishing.

All contributors retain all rights to their works and will be informed of submissions acceptances denials or any changes that may affect the publishing of any works delivered. Proofread and edited copies will be distributed to all contributors as a preview before any publications are released. Please submit any links to works for submission or submit writings or creative stories photography or art by email with all details and author credits included. Print copies will be made available by requests.

Publications (there are three types to choose from)

1. Fuckery (not the name, just how it’s described)

– (zines, cartoons, abstract art, images, collages, words, eclectic things, whatever….)

2. Arts & Culture,
Entertainment & Politics –

– (only submit items that adhere to these topics and are professionally written, proofread, and fact checked unless stated as an opinion based piece)

3. Mobile arts publication-

-(Submit anything created on one of your mobile devices I.e. Images photos notes, sketched doodles, for videos or music submissions please include links to download and album or cover art to be used on page publications)

***these are non biased publications and everyone has the right to their freedom speech, we will try our best to publish any and all works submitted that respect the guidelines previously stated, no matter what the topic.

Feature film writer, fearless, for lead vehicle for performance artist (Los Angeles)

Hi All,

Thanks for reading. Up-and-coming performance artist seeking an ALWAYS outside-the-box but (strictly commercial, it’s not an oxymoron – you know who you are) artist/writer who has a gift for forging unseen reality in celluloid.

I don’t have a budget in place yet, but I can pay $2k for a completed screenplay, genre drama-horror.

I’m looking for someone who is looking for a vehicle to get to the top, the way I am.

Let’s merge our talent and connections!

Please send me a little blurb about yourself and a writing sample.

Thank you!


Seeking to pair up with a talented writer who demonstrates consciousness by bringing to life todays many various issues.
We live in political turmoil, climate change, homelessness, hungry kids, orphans, endangered animals, aids, cancer.
The list can go on for pages. Essentially seeking a solution oriented writer who can not only shine light on current affairs
but present a sort of solution or acceptance in the process.

This is a SHORT FILM, which means your writing must be meticulous and full of emotion.

We will handle casting, production (pre & post), if you will be a part of the team and we encourage open communication between the team!

Please send tagline, along with summary of script, who you are and of course, a phone number.


Writer Needed For Film Treatment Of Coming Of Age Drama/Sci-fi (Los Angeles)

I am an aspiring independent producer and am currently looking for a writer who can write up a 10-15 page treatment of a feature film concept that I’m developing. I have a rough story outlines and the contract should be in the way I retain the rights to the story.
It’s a futuristic coming-of-age drama in the same vein as “Equals,” “The Lobster,” “Ex-Machina.” The story mainly explores the main characters’ sexual identity in the context of their social environment.

Compensation is $150 flat, and would love to get this treatment done by mid June.

Please submit with brief cover letter and resume/samples if interested. Looking forward to hearing from you.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Do we believe that these are all good gigs? Are we recommending them? No. Not on your life. There are way too many variables in the showbiz employment spectrum for anybody here at TVWriter™ to be able to say, based on a Craigslist ad, “Here’s a good one.”

But we do think that looking into these further could be helpful to TV writing hopefuls, if for no other reason than to get a better feeling for the Hollywood mindset. And that will be helpful to your writing future.

Who knows? You might even find yourself writing your very own self-referential script based on what happens if you apply.

Oh, and, as always, if you do respond to an ad, we would love to hear what transpired. Either in a comment or an article. Yeppers, we’ll take an article on that for sure. (Won’t pay, but, hey, that’s showbiz!)

Break a leg! (Pencil? Keyboard? iPhone?)