Writing Gig: How-To Geek Is Looking for Writer expert in both Mac and iOS

Attention, “die-hard Mac and IOS” users. howtogeek.com needs you to “work up articles ranging from straight-forward how-tos to more complicated explainers and feature stories.”

According to the site, “This is a freelance position where you’ll be assigned topics to write about, but we also encourage you to pitch topics that we haven’t covered yet. It is also strictly a telecommuting job. We don’t have normal office hours—or even an office—so you can be located anywhere.”

You can find out more (although not necessarily what, if anything, howgogeek.com is paying – at least, we didn’t see that in what we read) HERE

If you pursue this gig, please let us know how it turns out!

Our Attorneys Made Us Do It Department: This post is not an endorsement of the website and the job it’s advertising. It isn’t even a recommendation. It’s just news, out there for you to act upon or, you know, not.