Writing Gig: Game Writer/Narrative Designer Wanted

Found this on the interwebs yesterday. A new company looking for new talent! Who could ask for anything more? We definitely think that if you qualify you should check this out:

DREAMATIK ENTERTAINMENT is a Los Angeles based game startup focused on developing games for the female audience. We are currently looking for a highly experienced, professional Game Writer/Narrative Designer to join our launch team.

As a Game Writer/Narrative Designer you will be working with the Creative Director on our first original F2P IP for mobile & tablet. You’ll be responsible for crafting a thrilling, mature and seductive narrative that will suck players in, creating rich three dimensional characters that players will fall in love with, and being the central hub for all things related to story, structure, character, context, dialog, etc. You’ll work closely with the design team to overcome the challenges of designing a compelling narrative F2P mobile game, and ensure that the story/characters support and enhance the game’s mechanics, design and overall structure.


  • Partner with the Creative Director to craft a compelling narrative that supports the game’s core mechanics
  • Help establish the tone of the game world and propose creative and efficient ways to effectively present this world to the player
  • Generate and maintain design documents for all narrative element
  • Identify narrative problems and brainstorm creative solutions with colleagues
  • Assist the Creative Director in reviewing builds and providing feedback
  • Collaborate with the Art Director and Audio Lead to create and maintain consistent narrative execution
  • Assist in generating detailed Voice Over scripts


  • You are an avid gamer
  • Passionate about writing romance narratives and rich characters for the female audience
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in English, Creative Writing, Theatre, or Film
  • Prior professional experience as a writer in the video game industry or another dramatic medium
  • A strong editorial eye and an ability to craft sharp, clear dialog
  • Able to craft clear and coherent stories through excellent written and verbal communication skills suitable for diverse demographics
  • Extensive understanding of visual theory, storytelling, plot, structure, and character
  • Exceptional knowledge and passion for the history and theories governing interactive storytelling, including how story is used to support game mechanics and enhance player retention
  • Passionate about gaming, boasting an in-depth knowledge of games and the fundamentals of their design (with particularly strong comprehension of current mobile gaming F2P trends), game culture, and the entertainment industry as a whole
  • Exceptional mastery of the English language
  • Able to present a clear narrative concept flow using Visio, Excel, PPT, or other related tools
  • Strong research, analytical, and problem-solving skills, and an awareness of how to navigate limitations and work with available art/programming resources under aggressive deadlines
  • Refined attention to detail
  • Self-motivated, self-aware, self-disciplined, self-improving, with a strong work ethic
  • Genuinely enjoys working with others and thrives in a collaborative environment
  • Can improvise, adapt and overcome challenges with a positive attitude
  • Can withstand the often stressful but highly rewarding game startup life
  • Wants to see the best ideas implemented in the game, even if they’re not their own


  • Experience writing romantic fiction
  • Experience writing for romance games/dating sims


  • Equity stake or stock options in an early-stage game startup
  • Flexible hours

US based candidates only. Relocation to LA will be required.

Apply by sending your resume and work samples with the title ‘Game Writer/Narrative Designer’ to zsuzsa.jakab[at]dreamatik.com.

More about the company, including various open positions in addition to this one, and info about founder Zsuzsa Jakob, is HERE

As usual, we hope that if you apply for this job you keep us posted on the experience so we can help others. Thanks!