Writing Gig: Ars Technica is hiring a full time reporter

Arstechnica.Com, one of the most respected tech sites on the interwebs, is looking for, as they put it, “an experienced reporter—a true journalistic hustler who will work the (literal and metaphorical) phones to bring our readers fresh, hot news about the interaction between technology and society.”

They want someone with at least three years of reporting experience who can write with the same tone and attitude demonstrated in the paragraph above. The job is full-time, and they’re a good place. We don’t recommend employers, but if we did…well, this seems like a good thing to us if you need a day job to keep  you going until your TV writing dreams come true.

Find out all about it here

If you answer the call, please let us know how it went so we can be proud of ourselves for doing the right thing, or hang our heads in shame for getting involved if the experience is a negative one.