Writing as Therapy

Today being Friday, we’re bringing you not only a helpful article on how good writing for yourself can be but also a very cool infographic on the subject.

Who says therapy is passé?

Via Expert Editor

We often write to meet deadlines or because we have ambitions to become a published.

But how often do we write for the sheer pleasure of it? How often do we throw off the shackles of our own or others’ expectations and just write whatever we feel like writing?

But more importantly, what if we could see writing as an opportunity for self-reflection and contemplation rather than something we strive to show others? Imagine if it were a way for us to explore our emotions and our wellbeing, or a way to express thoughts that we may have been suppressing for a very long time.

It could just be the therapy we need in order to nourish and nurture our health.

We all know how good reading is for us, but much research has also been done into the benefits of therapeutic writing and how it can enhance our health. Having the freedom to write anything you feel like, whenever you feel like it, can be liberating and provide much needed stress-relief.

Therapeutic writing can take many different forms including journaling, poetry and letter writing. Maybe one style speaks to you more than another, but the main thing to remember is that there is no ‘right way’ to do it. There are no external constraints. You just write….


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