Peggy Bechko: A Writer’s New Year’s Musings

by Peggy Bechko

It’s the beginning of calendar year 2018 but the end of my 2017 writing year, and I’m tired.

Got a lot done, but so much left to do. And I’ll bet they’re all on a collision course.

What’s my meaning here?

Well, I don’t know a writer who doesn’t have more than one project going on. Do you? And, at least in my case, I swear, just when things seem to be flowing smoothly, settling into place like an asteroid that misses collision with earth, suddenly several things MUST get finished at the same time. Or Kaboom!

So suddenly I’m in high gear with no days off in the near future.

Sometimes this is caused by outside forces, other times by my own set deadlines. (Deadlines are important for writers – they keep us going – whether self-imposed or outside demands).

Ever happen to you?

There’s no way to plan for it. It just seems to happen like heavenly bodies orbiting – and then slamming into each other.

What I want for 2018 is simple – none of what I just described.

No collisions.

No launch into hysterical super high gear.

But I can see all my projects out there, and somehow I think the laws of physics – as related to career times past – are going to bring them together no matter what I do. The best I can tell myself is that this is a problem for another day, but I know that day is coming soon.

On another note, I started using Scrivener this year for writing not of the screen or TV variety though I understand the program has some screenwriting formatting abilities as well.

I’ll admit, it has quite a learning curve, but it was worth it for many of the projects I’m involved with. And there are lots of YouTube videos out there to help the newbie.

Here’s a link to the Scrivner download on amazon: (and yes, it is an affiliate link so if you don’t want to use it, just go to Amazon and put Scrivener in the search bar or do a web search instead). For myself, I must admit the $40+ it cost was well spent.

Scrivener keeps things straight. Lets you work with research from the page. Formats for various venues easily.

Yep, I’m a fan.

As the New Year dawns and I slow down just a little to regroup, I can’t help pondering this writing thing I’ve done all my life. I’m sure other writers reading this do the same thing on occasion even if not at a certain time of year.

I’ve had people ask me, why do you write? I often ask myself the same question, of course, and I don’t really have an answer other than the deep-seated, never-ending urge to do the writing thing. To create worlds for others to share.

Although writing is my primary force in my life, the general urge to create spills over into many different arenas. No matter what else is happening to me or the world, I can’t stop myself from making something. Even when I’m stealing a bit of leisure time, my mind is creating something with whatever is at hand.

Must keep creating. Keep giving of myself…

Don’t know if it is the same for you, but I’d sure like to hear more if you care to post in the comment section. Is there a common motivator of any kind for the determined writer?

Meanwhile, this is Peggy Bechko, working hard to recover from 2017 and wishing us all a fantastic and creative 2018.

Peggy Bechko is a TVWriter™ Contributing Editor. Learn more about her sensational career HERE. Peggy’s new comic series, Planet of the Eggs, written and illustrated with Charlene Brash-Sorensen is available on Kindle. And, while you’re at it, visit the Planet of the Eggs Facebook page and her terrific blog.