Larry Brody’s Poetry: ‘God Ain’t No Siegal & Schuster Character, Not Even Kirby & Lee’


The final poem here on TVWriter™, for awhile anyway. Not because I’m giving up but because I think it’s time to really bear down and write some more!

Larry Brody’s Poetry: ‘God Ain’t No Siegal & Schuster Character, Not Even Kirby & Lee’
by Larry Brody

I always thought of Christ as a superhero.

Messiah Man!

Son of God!

Able to walk on water without a threat,

Heal the sick,

Feed the multitudes,

Raise the dead!

Hey, we’re talking real Marvel and D.C. stuff here.

He sees all, knows all, fulfills the plan of the Divine,

And, wow! wotta Dad! Not bad with the babes either,

Sure got on with Mary Magdeline, if you know what

I mean. One day, though, my love was crying,

And I held her tightly while she told why. “I try to

Be good,” she said. “I do things for other people.

My daughter, my husband, my family and friends—

I take care of you all. But my sisters and my mother

Seem to hate me. They hurt me whenever we talk.

My friends don’t know who I really am, and from

That comes great pain. And no matter how much

I give you and Amber, always you two need more.

I’m in danger,” she said, “always in danger, and it

Isn’t in spite of doing the right thing, it’s because.”

Now I’m no Bible scholar. It’s all comic book

Colors to me. But I started reading about Super Jesus

Again, just to see. And whaddaya know? Invulnerability

Ain’t one of the powers. Cut him, and he sure as hell

Bleeds. In fact, the Son of God suffers. He’s tempted,

He’s scorned, he’s betrayed and tortured. His

Mind and his body are wrenched every which way.

He just plain feels terrible all the time. Shit, the guy dies

One of the most painful deaths man can decree.

So something’s going on here,

Something we forget. To do right,

To be right, is agony. There’s no

Saving ourselves. Dr. Doom is always

Around the corner, with Lex Luthor

Right by his side. To be a superhero is

To keep fighting, even though you know

Krypton has to explode.



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