Why Writers Should Take Acting Lessons and Actors Should Write

Actors and writers share a common purpose, do we not, that of communications?

Specifically, it’s up to the writers to communicate character and story via text and subtext, and it’s up to the actors to bring the text and subtext alive for the audience.

And yet – there are so many conflicts between the two subdivisions (for lack of a better name) throughout pre-production, production, and post-production of every TV episode and film that sometimes it seems impossible for both writers and actors to share the same goal…

So, hey! What the hell? Why are things that way? Why do they have to be that way?

Wonder of wonders! Miracle of miracles! In the video above, the interview with Ray Liotta (most recently of Shades of Blue and most famously of Goodfellas) answers those questions, with Liotta, both consciously and unconsciously (text and subtext) demonstrating both how far apart and how close together the two most essential elements of any production really are.

Hint: Thoughts and emotions are not the same things. But that’s all ya get till you watch Ray Liotta school us in WHY ALL WRITERS SHOULD  RISK THEIR DAMN SELVES BY TAKING ACTING LESSONS AND ALL ACTORS SHOULD BE COMPELLED TO SIT THE FUCK DOWN AND WRITE!