Stephanie Bourbon on Why Agents Keep Rejecting Your Queries

The first question most new writers ask those of us who already are working professionally at the craft in various media inevitably is, “Will you read my script/book/whatever else I’ve written?”

After that gets the most tactful version of “Hell no!” the pro can come up with, most newbies swiftly move to the second most-asked question. “Why won’t the agents I write to even answer me?”

To this TVWriter™ minion’s knowledge, our pal Stephanie Bourbon has never turned down anybody who asks the first question politely, and here’s her current response to the second one, and a very helpful one it is.

Stephanie’s YouTube Channel is HERE

And her website chock full of further instruction is HERE

Former Larry Brody student Stephanie Olivieri Bourbon has found great success as a writer and illustrator. Now she’s branching out into video with a series of extremely helpful ones about – surprise! – writing and illustrating.