“What, exactly, is a TV series ‘Bible?'”

We get quite a few queries about TV series bibles here at TVWriter™, especially during PEOPLE’S PILOT season. (Right now we’re in the middle of the entry period for our signature TV pilot writing contest, PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019.)

Our Beloved Leader Larry Brody covers the topic, and a whole lot more, in his mucho-respected (he likes to think of it as “adored”) book Television Writing from the Inside Out), and the bible thing also figures in the Basics of TV Writing section of this very site.

Recently, however, longtime TVWriter™ friend Chuck Fox found a marvelous treasure trove of bibles for recent shows including Stranger Things, The Wire, True Detective, Freaks and Geeks (this TVWriter™ minion’s all-time fave sitcom), Fargo, Adventure Time, and more at screencraft.org, and calling this collection a must-see is no exaggeration.

Dig in…and tell ’em TVWriter™ sentcha!