Troy DeVolld’s Take on the Ultimate Reality Show

It’s been awhile, AKA a couple of years, since TVWriter™ pal Troy DeVolld graced this site, and, boy howdy, are we glad to see him here again.

by Troy DeVolld

Someday, someone will make a reality show about the making of a reality show and finally put an end to well-meaning friends telling me that someone should make one.

Episode summaries:

101: The field team runs out of pushpins for their index cards. Also, tensions run high over Fred’s use of a lava lamp in an energy-efficient office space.

102: With no clear style directives, the DP pitches a knockoff of something he saw in a movie for the transitions. Also, lost footage from a reformatted card is blamed on Tammy, the post coordinator.

103: When Fred replaces his lava lamp with candles, the office manager has a tough call to make. Also, the network is concerned about an uncorrected, no-context-provided ninety-second preview of the DP’s work that looks like it was shot through a pair of pantyhose.

104: When the story assist starts coughing, everyone on the tightly-scheduled show is afraid to go near her. Also, things take a turn for the worse after the post team arrives to find their Avid workstations won’t be connected until the following Monday.

105: Fred tries to keep it together when a new story producer with a penchant for take-out curry moves into his bay. Also, the office develops a mysterious mildew issue in the bullpen.

106. A shortage of crafty throws post into disarray, and all eyes turn to Mack, the office PA. Also, rumors of an extended run leave Fred with a hard choice to make regarding his September schedule.

107. The first note pass seems suspiciously light for being three days late. Also, a review of the deliverables reveals an alarming surprise that it may be too late to resolve.

108. When Katie reveals that she has to leave for ten days to be a bridesmaid at her roommate’s wedding in Barbados, Tammy finally admits that hiring her for the gig based on their college friendship was a mistake. Also, an incoming head of alternative at the network is concerned that the show might be too much like something that failed in 2016.

109. Post needs to find a way to make up for a production deficit in the field. Also, Katie finally returns from a three hour lunch.

110. Will episode one lock in time for broadcast? Also, who stole Fred’s salt lamp?

Troy DeVolld is a Larry Brody buddy, former senior story producer of Dancing with the Stars, and all-around true master of the reality TV genre. He knows whereof he speaks,  which is why we heartily recommend his bestselling book, Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide to TV’s Hottest Market