Web Series: ‘Whatever, Linda’

Not a web series for kids. Or by kids either, for that matter. This is BigTime pro stuff, all the way:

We found Whatever, Linda in large part through one of our favorite new websites, Stareable.Com.

Stareable’s avowed goal is to be the TV Guide of web series, and the site has the largest collection of shows of all genres, lengths, shapes, and sizes we’ve ever seen on the interwebs. If you’re a true believer in the future of indie TV, the site definitely is one to check out.

And even if you aren’t a big indie fan, we think you’re really going to like Whatever, Linda and its website HERE

  • Created and Written by
  • Hannah Cheesman
  • Julian De Zotti
  • Directed by
  • Matt Eastman
  • Executive Producers
  • James Milward
  • Kevin Saffer
  • Supervising Producers
  • Kathryn Rawson
  • Sabrina Saccoccio
  • Co-Executive Producer
  • Mackenzie Donaldson
  • Producers
  • Hannah Cheesman
  • Julian De Zotti
  • Creative Director
  • Pietro Gagliano
  • Technical Director
  • Ryan Andal


  • Linda Thoroughbred
  • Hannah Cheesman
  • Annabelle Nascimento
  • Terra Hazelton
  • Didi De May
  • Cara Ricketts
  • Pepper Bannerman
  • Martha MacIsaac
  • Drew Cashton
  • Mike Shara
  • Henry Sullivan
  • Brendan Gall
  • Aloysius Finkle
  • Julian Richings
  • Edie
  • Graydon Sheppard
  • Sheila Hardy
  • Sheila McCarthy