Web Series: We aren’t featuring this series because it’s made by Larry David’s daughter

Let’s say it again. We swear up, down, and sideways that we aren’t writing about this web series because its creator/star/all around boss is Cazzie David, daughter of world famous grumpy guy Larry David. We aren’t.

We’re featuring this series because it was highly recommended by another site that wrote about it because Ms. David has that certain close connection with Mr. David.

And, unlike that certain other site, we’re making no excuses for it. Because we don’t have to. Sure, it’s about “first world problems.” But first world probs are real, y’all. Many of us have them. And many more of us aspire to having them. Let’s face it, if we could afford those kinds of problems it would mean we weren’t in the genuinely deep shit we’re slopping around in right now.

So, no excuses or apologies, we’re saying it loud and clear:

We like Eighty-Sixed and here’s why:

That’s it, the whole megilla. Let us know what you think!