Web Series: HERLOCK


It’s just like the logo for this enjoyable Sherlock Holmes pastiche says: “The Greatest Detective is a Woman.” And we can say without a doubt that this, “Works for us!”

Veterinary student Jonny Watts has her life planned out — until she meets mysterious detective Sheridan Hume and is drawn into a relationship that challenges her beliefs about justice, personal freedom, and gender roles…

HERLOCK was created and written by Lee Shackleford, author and star of the off-Broadway hit play HOLMES & WATSON and the writer responsible for getting Data back into a deerstalker on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. The pilot was produced and directed byDavid E. Duncan (SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, IRON MAN 1 & 2, RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, CHRONICLES OF NARNIA). The Director of Photography was Christopher Popp, whose DP credits include the Emmy-nominated FIVE, and the critically-acclaimed Bollywood feature LAKSHYA. The pilot stars Gia Mora (CASTLE, TRUE DETECTIVE, QUALITY TIME),Alana Jordan (THE BLIND SIDE, MISSING PIECES), andVince Cusimano (BIGGER THAN THE BEATLES, MONSTERS IN THE WOODS).

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