Leesa Dean Tells Us About “Team Frederator”


Adventures in Digital Series Land – Chapter 101
by Leesa Dean

So, the big news this week is: I signed with Channel Frederator Network.  I’m met Fred Seibert. He’s been at a number of NYC  animation and web events and we’ve had a chance to chat.  Been up to their offices (the old YouTube workshops were held there).  He authentically is really passionate about animation.  Which is a good thing. Before Frederator, he was at MTV and Hanna Barbera.

They reached out to me a while back and because I’ve been, in general, reluctant to sign with an MCN (multi-channel network for those of you not familiar with this digital series centric term), I took some time to really think it over.

The truth:  Their contract was way more artist-friendly than the other ones I’ve received (and I’ve been approached by a number of them, big and small), which essentially asked you to give up the right to show your youtube content on TV and other paid platforms in exchange for the exhilarating experience of saying you’re a member of that MCN (Translation: nothing, nadda, no money. Which is CRAZY!!!)

After I signed, right off the bat, they shot me a lot of info with ways to help grow my channel, which is very very cool.  Especially since I’m releasing a new series later this year. I’m hoping that being a part of their network will help get fans.  They are an actual community so there are chances for collaboration.

I’m pretty excited about it!

Meanwhile, been doing 14 hour days working on the new series and writing this pilot (which is kicking my behind). I’m officially in animation production and it’s….intense. But a good intense.

Finally, took part in #scriptchat last Sunday. It’s an hour chat with writers and the first Sunday of every month at is dedicated to TV writers(!!!).  It takes place on twitter at 5pm (PST) and you follow along using the #scriptchat hashtag.  I’m late to the party with this one but it’s great.  If you’re interested in breaking into TV, it’s a must.

Last Sunday Julie Bush was the guest and she was really honest about her journey.  She was a writer on Sons of Anarchy and is currently writing a script for Universal. She’s had a lot of ups and downs and gave really great advice about how to get attention in the business and also about the treatment of women in the business.  She did a Periscope live stream after the chat that was also great.  If you’re interested, scriptchat has a transcript of the chat on their site someplace.

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