Web Series: ‘An Emmy For Megan’

Megan Amram proves she’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish her life-long dream of winning an Emmy.

Okay. So…

After finding out about Megan Amram’s new new web series (just scroll on down or CLICK HERE and you’ll see what we’re talking about), we just had, had, had to see it.

And so, of course, do you. So here’s Episode 1:

Pretty fucking funny, yeah?

And check out these credits:

Created / Written / Directed By: Megan Amram
Executive Produced By: Megan Amram, Dave Kneebone, Janel Kranking
Producer: Joseph Carnegie
Starring: Megan Amram
Guest Starring: Brian Polk, Alison Rich, Shannon Woodward
Director of Photography: Barry Elmore
Editor: Drew Kordik
Sound Mixer: John Maynard
Camera Operator: Billy Coleman
Graphic Artist: Tak Boroyan
Production Assistants: Andrea Arrellaga, David Carliner

For more episodes of An Emmy For Megan visit anemmyformegan.com

FTR: LB loved this. Thought it was funny as hell. So what if it’s one more slot created for newbies being snatched away by a seasoned pro. Right? Right?