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The Vocal Majority
by Mark Evanier

Like the banner above says, I stand with the Animation Performers who are currently authorizing a strike vote.  The issue is the compensation for voice work on animated programs made for subscription-based streaming platforms such as Amazon, Netflix and Hulu.  You can [ED.NOTE: and should] read all about this here.

The strike vote will pass, probably by a wide margin.  I see just about all the important voice actors endorsing this stance and that’s a solid indicator.  These are the people the producers most want to hire, after all.  As a general rule, the higher the vote to strike, the greater the chance there will not be a strike or it will be brief one.  The negotiators, who thus far have resisted making a satisfactory offer, will be more inclined to make one if the Strike Authorization Vote is 95% than if it’s 80%….

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