Indie Video: ‘Video vs. Real’ by Zadi Diaz

by Larry Brody

The reasons artists turn to their art, immersing themselves in it, making it their world, vary from person to person, but as I get older and become more and more introspective, my self-examination tells me that most of the creative people I know pretty much started as I did, trying to hide from or make sense of the world through their art, although our lives have taken different turns from that point.

The 2012 video above, which I accidentally came across on Vimeo yesterday, surprised me by being the perfect extension of my thought on this subject while at the same time also seeming to sum it up.

What do you, as writers, directors, film and video makers, and human beings have to say about this?  Is your art more than a supplement for real life? Has it in fact supplanted your real life?

In other words, does Zadi Diaz’s take resonate with you?

And what about you, Zadi? Where are your feelings today? A quick googling showed me this about you via good old Wikipedia:

Zadi Diaz is the Executive Producer of YouTube Nation. She is a producer and director, known for founding the web series Epic Fu and co-hosting the podcast New Mediacracy. She has won a number of Webby and Streamy Awards.

And a further trip to google gave me this exciting announcement:

Former AwesomenessTV Exec Zadi Diaz Hired at mitú as Head of Digital Studios

Diaz previously worked as vp of programming and development at AwesomenessTV and has also served as head of content development at Disney Interactive, where she developed and produced original live-action and animated series across The Walt Disney Co.’s websites and social platforms.

So I know you’re doing very well, at the top of the ladder as far as interweb video goes. But are you happy with this? Proud of it? Or are the loneliness and alienation that form the subtext of Video vs. Real still alive in your soul?

I know this is a pretty damn personal question to ask. But you gave so much of yourself in this video that all of us here at TVWriter™ can’t help ourselves. We need to know how your life journey is going.

Are you closing in on discovering how to truly be real? Or have you moved onto other questions, big and small?

And as long as we’re talking, I’d like Zadi and everyone reading this to know that I’m kind of crazy about this vid from 2016 too:

Author: LB

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