TVWriter™ Don’t-Miss Posts of the Week – February 27, 2017

The BIG NEWS OF THE WEEK at TVWriter™ is that LB has completed and sent out all the Feedback on entries in the 2016 PEOPLE’S PILOT. 

If you entered the contest and haven’t received your Feedback, please check your spam folder. If email with the heading “Feedback on your 2016 People’s Pilot Entry” isn’t there, email us so we can have another go at getting it to you ASAP.

And now it’s time for TVWriter™’s  latest look at our 5 most popular blog posts of the week ending yesterday. They are, in order:

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Want to Read This Year’s Oscar Nominated Screenplays?

LB: Where Did THE FALL GUY Live?

Diana Vacc sees ‘Fifty Shades Darker’

John Ostrander: “My Mysteries are Many for I am TV’s ‘Legion’”

And our 5 most visited permanent resource pages are, also in order:

Writing the Dreaded Outline

The Logline


Online TV and Film Writing Workshop

Student Central

Major thanks to everyone for making this another great week at TVWriter™. Don’t forget to click above and read what you missed and re-read what you loved!