There Really Is (a Little Bit) of Poetry in TV Writing

Apropos of our Beloved Leader Larry Brody’s decision to post his wonderful, award-winning poetry here on TVWriter™, we present this enlightening interview with Jessi Klein, head writer of in, hip and trendy (and also fucking funny) Inside Amy Schumer.

Cuz truth to tell, every writer we know is at heart a genuine, 24-karat poet. It’s just that so many of us them are too embarrassed to come out.

by Alexandra Talty

Jessi KleinIn her hilarious essay collection You’ll Grow Out of It, Klein, head writer of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer and a former Saturday Night Live writer, muses on what it means to be a woman who doesn’t ever feel much like one.

How does writing a book compare to writing for television?

I love writing for TV. But in terms of the experience of sitting down and being able to write for as long as you want, it is incredibly freeing to write a book. When you write for TV or movies… This is going to sound so pretentious, but there is a little bit of poetry in it, in that you are trying to stick as much comedy and story in as small a space as you can—especially in the cases of SNL and Schumer, which are both sketch shows.

Was it difficult to sift through personal information for the book?

Clearly I think if you are writing any kind of book like this, you are an oversharer. I am kind of okay to reveal anything about myself. It is important to know where to draw the line between what I might share about myself and what I might share about someone who is not particularly interested in writing a book about themselves. So I am really careful when writing about my family. Ex-boyfriends? Less so.