The WGA West Collected $30,000,000 in delinquent Writer Payments Last Year


by TVWriter™ Press Service

The WGAW wants us to know that during the past year it collected over $30 million in unpaid residuals, royalties, et al owed to TV and film writers. Lionsgate had to cough up the most – almost $400,000 in settlement money, and certain Old Media Monoliths were close behind:

  1. Lionsgate – $385,000
  2. 2oth Century Fox Films – $300,000
  3. Walt Disney – $170,000
  4. NBC Studios – $130,000
  5. ABC TV – $116,000
  6. MGM/UA – $69,000
  7. Paramount – $58,000
  8. Warner Brothers – $48,000
  9. Universal City Studios – $19,000

The rest of the mumsers consisted of over a hundred smaller production companies. And in addition to residual and royalties, much of the $30 mil came from unpaid initial compensation, unpaid pension and health plan contributions, credits violations, and interest on the whole shebang.

It’s a tough world out there, kids.

Thanks to our peeps at the Writers Guild!