The Transforming Hollywood Conference has its Heart/Mind in the Right Place

Transforming Hollywood Captureby Team TVWriter™ Press Service

If you’re not part of the future you’re doomed to be as forgotten as the past.

And being part of the future of entertainment is what the Transforming Hollywood Conference being held at UCLA on Friday, April 4th (all day!) is all about.

Here’s the skinny, direct from the Transforming Hollywood media futurists/P.R. team:

When future generations of historians write their accounts of the evolution of the American television industry, they will almost certainly point to the 2010s as a moment of dramatic change: We’ve seen the entry of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and YouTube as major players shaping the production of original programming, gaining critical praise, courting industry awards, and perhaps, most dramatically, starting to compete, in terms of number of subscriptions, with the top cable networks. We’ve seen Kickstarter emerge as an alternative means for “crowdfunding” television content, allowing fans to exert a greater role in shaping the future of their favorite series. We’ve seen a continued growth in the number of independent producers creating and distributing their content through the web. With these other changes, we are seeing the industry and academia struggle to develop new insights into what it means to consume television content in this connected and yet dispersed marketplace. This conference will bring together key creative and corporate decision-makers who are shaping these changes and academics who are placing these shifts in their larger historical and cultural contexts.

And here’s what your $40 entry fee will get you:


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